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Designer Houseware at The Luxe Hotel Manor

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24-hour Flexible Stay

No matter what time you check-in, you get a full 24-hours! 24-hour flexible stay package offers 15% discount on room and a wide range of benefits. We give you several more hours to truly explore The Luxe Manor and Hong Kong.


Exclusive privileges:

  • Check-in and out at your preferred time
  • 15%-off on food and beverages in all hotel outlets#
  • Free use of travel smartphone with unlimited 4G data, local and international phone calls to 10 countries (Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK & USA)
  • Free Wi-Fi within hotel
  • Free use of the 24-hour gymnasium and business centre


Terms & Conditions:

  • Check in and check out time must be provided by guest 72 hours prior to arrival. Otherwise flexible check in / out time may not be guaranteed. 
  • Earliest check in time is 9am and latest check out time is 6pm in the next day. For guest check-in at or after 6pm, the latest check-out time is 6pm on next day.
  • Room rate is based on a maximum charge of 24 hours and surcharge will be applied on extension of stay.
  • Room rate is subject to 10% service charge.
  • Non-refundable full payment has to be made upon booking.
  • No cancellation and amendment are allowed.


# Dining discount is not applicable to in-room dining service

Best Deal Guarantee

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Best Deal Guarantee