Be A Dreamer Programme at the Luxe Manor

Very nice programme with many activities, the staffs were very polite, nice and helpful.

My kids enjoy very much for experiencing different occupations and extra-curricular activities. The activities including bartenders, housekeepers, art jamming, little chef and towel arts.

Moreover, the hotel was very clean and tidy and with nice designs. There were many beautiful pictures and art pieces. The design was based on the North Europe style. We seemed be located in North Europe.

The room fee was $988 with $800 dining credit.
Each room was included extra- curricular activities for two children. The children could wear formal suites for playing the activities, and we could take some nice photos. We had used the dining credit for eating at the restaurant’Finds’. The food at there was very delicious.

Moreover, the hotel was located in the middle heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. It was very easy to access and we could go for shopping very conveniently.

It was a very memorable and nice staycation for us at the Luxe Manor.

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作為家長,酒店歡迎小朋友的程度令我意外,Fiona同Eugene 姐姐對小朋友無微不至,有愛心和耐心,酒店經理Joe哥哥更鼓勵家長大可放心交小朋友俾佢地照顧,每次活動完结會有專人帶回房間,十分貼心。家長可在房間休息,亦可到附近商場閒逛,放下小朋友,尋回屬於爸媽2人的輕鬆時光!對酒店的安排,十分滿意,亦意外香港竟然有這樣一間親子友好的酒店,絕對值得有小孩的家庭黎體驗一次無壓力,輕鬆愉快的假日!




在一家具特色的酒店渡過了悠閒的 staycation

酒店位於尖沙咀中心區,從地鐵步行約5分鐘就到,十分方便。剛進入酒店,就有大堂職員主動打招呼,入住手續很快便辦理好;房間佈局具有特色,不像其它千篇一律的格局,安頓後就出去逛逛,附近有多個大型商場和多條小街,令人目不暇給。行累了就回酒店休息,好有渡假feel 。

晚餐在酒店餐廳,名叫 FINDS,名稱由來是北歐五國:芬蘭、冰島、挪威、丹麥、瑞典英文首字母而成。點了龍蝦湯和牛排,龍蝦湯味道鮮及濃郁,好味;牛排處理得十分好,夠肉味和嫩,一試難忘。翌日早餐也是同一餐廳,早餐份量足夠,吃飽了準備出街逛,剛到門口忽然下大雨,酒店職員主動提出借雨傘給我們用,需然我們最後沒有外出,但亦要多謝那職員的主動幫忙。趁機亦細心欣賞酒店大堂的佈局,多謝職員 Joe Ma的介紹,從而知道佈置包含了金木水火土五行原素。另無出外就在酒店做 gym ,運動一輪後飲番杯亦一樂也。




Great service , Best choice for staycation and football fans

This is not my first time stay in the luxe manor. As a long term guest with them the luxe manor always provided a good customer service that not disappointed to me.Staff was nice especial Front office manager Kenneth. I booked a package this time with snack platter. He well explained the package included item and warm welcome me by my name.Room was nice with bathtub. Kenneth help to organised the sending time for the food with no delayed. Foods were nice especially the burger, its fresh and juicy. Room was clean. UCL was included in the tv channel. It was great for all football fans. My package was also included the late check out till 6 pm. The luxe manor was definite the best choice for my staycation.

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nice stay

在酒店入住期间,得到前台 李建民很多帮助,他像朋友一样热心细致帮我们处理问题!所以在这里要积极的去表扬他!希望香港能多一点像他这样的嗯,前台服务!每一个客人来到酒店都会像回家的感觉!每个人都喜欢来到这个酒店住,回家的感觉让人感觉太棒了!希望你其他的员工都可以像他一样热情周到的服务,让每一个家人都觉得非常非常的开心,所以感谢所有的服务人员,谢谢你们对我们的热情照顾,非常开心来这个酒店住

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Awesome place to spend you valuable time.

I am very satisfied with my stay at The Luxe Manor. Superb location, just a few steps from the famous Donki store. Room was clean and bed was comfortable. Staff is extremely friendly and they tried their best to do! Most of the time we ordered our food from FINDS , room service menu and A-la carte menu. Food taste were great. Overall, we enjoyed our stay and we highly recommend this place!

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Gem in TST

I wanted to relax one night. All staff were welcoming and helpful. First time staying at this hotel as it had a good deal for promotion. It is a beautiful hotel with comfortable room, spacious and clean. Restaurant is serving excellent Scandinavian food and you will get 30% discount on whole bill. I ordered the Beef Tenderloin and one of the signature dessert Daim Parfait. Food was delicious. Hotel is located in the center of TST, close to MTR. I will definitely come and stay again.

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