A Delight Every Door

Stay in the stylish and luxury accommodation in Hong Kong to taste the real charm of the city. Experience the comfort of knowing your needs will be well cared for… the peace of mind that comes from always enjoying a warm welcome whenever you are in town.


Recharge and refresh before travelling onward.


Recharge and refresh before travelling onward.


Shut the door and share a relaxing weekend together.


Spoil yourself in post-modern surroundings with high-end amenities.


Empty the local boutiques, we are sure to have a room to showcase your haul!


Covering the playfully surreal and taking in unimaginable pleasures, our six Themed Suites at The Luxe Manor means no two stays will ever feel quite the same.


A glorious recreation of Hollywood’s glamorous heyday, Royale revives the 1940s for the 21st Century! Your lady is sure to fall head over heels with the sinfully spacious bathroom and its lavish fixtures.

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Artfully blending the legendary hospitality with which travellers like Marco Polo were welcomed in Middle East, Safari conjures up visions of starry night in the Arabian desert, the ambience here is sure to utterly enchant.

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Surround yourself with ice-like inspirations and get warm and cosy under a luxuriant faux fur spread as you live life like a truly stylish Eskimo.

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Reserved for the true romantic, Liaison’s lovingly-crafted pastel-toned décor is tailored for unforgettable honeymoon or anniversary break highlights.

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An elegant counterpoint of structure and texture, colour and form, Chic is an inch-perfect choice for business travellers intending to squeeze in a bit of fun between meetings.

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A divine foray into surrealism where nothing is quite what it seems, Mirage overflows with a combination of playful details that make it uniquely compelling.

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