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'Welcome Back' 3-night Stay

Staying Period:
From now until to 31 August, 2023

Super Savers with Breakfast

This super savers offers great savings with comlimentary daily breakfast.

"TOUCH" Privilege

TOUCH initiative underlines our sensitivity to your unique personal feelings and most deeply held needs.


Nordic Summer 4-course Set Dinner

 "Nordic Summer 4-course Set Dinner" features four signature main course options, including Slowroasted Iberico Pork "Pluma" Steak, Atlantic Turbot Fillet Poached With Tarragon & Smooth Roasted Lobster & Salmon Soup.


FINDS introduces the exquisite Nordic "Choc-odyssey" raspberry chocolate fondue afternoon tea, which delicately blends the melted chocolate and Nordic-styled raspberry sauce together, and is served with Mövenpick caramel and blueberry ice-cream to quench your thirst this season. This afternoon tea will take you straight to the breezy and wintry Nordic countries right upon the first bite, easing the sizzling heat in the season.


FINDS is launching a new concept and combination filled with leisurely bites to satisfy every foodie's cravings with our "Nordic Summer Brunch". Come join us this weekend and elevate your holiday mood to the next level.

Nordic Plenteous Lunch

"Nordic Plenteous Lunch" introduces an unprecedented form of lunch and lifestyle, allowing our guests to enjoy a rally of enticing appetizers like Beef Pastrami, Kale & Quinoa Salad, and Slow-cooked Chicken Breast on an All-You-Can-Eat basis. Who said feasting up can't be beefing up at the same time?

FINDS’ Signature Menu “The Nordic Journey”

Inspired by five of the region’s countries, the menu will showcase the Nordic spirit in every detail, including signature dishes from Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Sweden, complemented with handpicked Nordic spirit and wines and exquisite Nordic tableware.

Little Pastry Chef

Kids Parties at FINDS with full of fun and laughter! During the workshop, kids can make their own delicate dessert from a selection of the ingredients. Ideal for kids aged 2-9 years old with a great way to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions with friends and family. 

Come and let it Dough!