Nordic Spring 4-Course Set Dinner

FINDS is introducing a Nordic Spring 4-course Set Dinner to celebrate the beauty of the blossoming spring with a stunning, colorful array of flavorful dishes.


To start, guest can opt for the Crispy Scallop & Halibut Mousse or FINDS Toast Skagen, a classic Swedish dish. The fresh Icelandic shrimp is mixed with dill mayonnaise and garnished with trout roe for an explosion of flavours. This is followed by a fresh Foamy Spring Chicken Broth or Signature Smooth Roasted Lobster & Salmon soup that are sure to stimulate your appetite.

For the main course, highlights included Spring Lamb Tenderloin, Lightly-smoked Codfish Fillet & White Asparagus Risotto featuring the 'queen of vegetables', white asparagus, which is not only refreshing but also highly nutritious. To round off the meal, the Strawberry & Vannilla provides the perfect sweet ending.


Serving Time: Daily 6pm to 10pm

Price: From HK$588 per person
Subject to a 10% service charge.